Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Uses For Scoop.it

You could say that Scoop.it a social media tool that you can collect blogs and articles. With only one topic (like a board) you can find any article or blog, Scoop.it, and put your topic.

Libraries who could use
- State
- Special libraries
- Professional development for LIS workers

Monday, 11 May 2015

Discusses some of the best uses of blogs by a library.

Using blogs for the library is good because.

  • What's going in the library, nws updates
  • New Releases of books

Best Uses of Twitter

Twitter is a good social media tool to use when you want to send quick, instant messages on Twitter, which are called tweets. Some of the things that libraries can use Twitter for:

  • Up coming events
  • New Services
  • New collections of new books
  • Flashbacks/photo's of the buildings in the pasted years

Monday, 23 March 2015

Best Uses of Facebook in Libraries

Facebook is the most popular social media website people would have around the world use. The good thing for library's having Facebook is because it it is a way to connect to other libraries around the world

  • New updates to the library
  • Ads about the new things 
  • News Reads
  • Book Clubs
  • New Event's Update
  • New Books Release  

Popular Libraries in Melbourne:

Melbourne City Library
East Melbourne Library
State Library 

The biggest Library in Australia is Australia and Information Association, (AAIA)  is run by our own Margie Anderson!

Australian and Information Association

Monday, 23 February 2015

Recently added some random gadgets on the right hand side of my blog, The Daily Dog and two sets of fish

Library Interactioin

In today's class we went investigate the website: Library Interactive The website is all about the Australian libraryland, you don't have to an Australian, librarian or a blogger to the using this website, but do need to be non-commercial and relevant to the scope of the blog. 

On the tab Aussie Library Blogs you can add into your own blog to the list of Personal Blogs.Like


Corporate Blog